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Debunking Myths About E-Cigarettes

Because of the ugly reputation of tobacco cigarettes to society, e-cigarettes also have the same treatment and impression. Despite its effort to make smoking a less dangerous device to smokers, a lot of people still associate smoking e-cigs with tobacco. So let’s break down these biggest myths about electronic cigarettes and learn the actual truth.

#1 Electronic cigarettes are designed to attract children and teens to smoke.

This myth came from the fact that e-cigs contain fruity flavors and scented smoke. What most people hate about tobacco cigar is the actual smoke and the hazardous effects it emits to smokers and secondhand smokers. Truth is that e-cigs indeed contain flavors and scents but they are not meant for children and teens to use. This is just to eradicate the unpleasant taste and smell of tobacco. E-cigs don’t have dangerous toxins and carcinogens from the tobaccos and the ultimate objective of making e-cigars is to help smokers eliminate the chances of going back to the use of tobacco, which contains deadly toxins.

#2 Electronic cigarettes are as life-threatening as tobacco cigarettes.

While it’s true that e-cigars contain tobacco-specific nitrosamines, its quantity is highly-incomparable as to what is contained in tobacco cigars. E-cigs have traceable amounts of these nitrosamines, which is only 8 parts per a trillion compared to tobacco—an extremely small amount to actually give diseases to e-cig users.

#3 Electronic cigarettes are just as addicting as tobacco cigarettes

Like nitrosamines, nicotine is also found in e-cigarettes but in a very tiny amount, to the point of undetectable. FDA have done two tests on e-cigs, wherein they don’t trace even a tiny amount of nicotine on the product. It is only on the second test that they see tiny specks of nicotine. So to claim that electronic cigars are as just as deadly and addictive as other cigarettes is an ultimate lie.


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