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E-Cigarette—Etiquette and Tips for Vapor Users

Tobacco cigarettes have an unsightly reputation when being used in public places and offices because of the underlying health problems the smoke can bring to people around the vicinity. However, this is not the case with e-cigarettes. Instead of ash and smoke, e-cigars emit vape, which doesn’t have the smell of real smoke. Despite this, e-cigar users should still follow the correct way of using the device.

Ask for permission

Not everyone is familiar with electronic cigarettes yet and people are still accustomed to tobacco smoking. And you lighting an e-cig may cause tension to people around you. They may not like the idea of having someone smoke in their vicinity, or they may think you they will be inhaling tobacco smoke. To avoid this, be polite and always ask your neighbors or the management if you can smoke an e-cig. With this, you will have an opportunity to bring e-cig into an interesting subject with other people. You can start educating them about this better alternative of tobacco.

Always put people and the place into consideration

Be aware of your place and the people around you. If you are inside a hospital, plane, bank, laboratory, or a place that promotes a strictly no smoking area, abide by their rules and just look for other areas where you are allowed to smoke even if you will be smoking an e-cig. There are reasons why some places do not permit cigarette smoking in the area and you should respect that. There may be children in the vicinity that mothers wouldn’t want their child to see and follow.

When it comes to doing something that other people might get affected, always make sure to take them into consideration. And although electronic cigars don’t have any adverse side effects to people near you, be respectful enough to ask their permission first before switching on the electronic device.


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