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E-Cigarette Terminology

If you have started smoking vape, you’ll get to know new terminologies that only e-cigarette users know. Read on and learn these words below.

Adapter —This is where you fit in an atomizer or cartomizer to charge a battery.

Atomizer / Atty —This is one of the most important devices used in e-cigs that heats up the liquid inside the stick.

Automatic E-cig —While some electronic cigarettes need to be switched on to perform its function, automatic e-cigs need only to be inhaled to be activated.

Battery / Batt —This is the power source of e-cigs, which is being charged in the adapter. However, some e-cigs only can only be used once.

Bridge —This is placed inside the atomizer and it serves as the bridge that allows liquid flow from the wick to the coil.

Cart — Or Cartridge, the material used to hold the liquid.

Cartomizer / Carto — This is a cart and atty in one. Most e-cig users prefer using cartomizers as they can be pre-filled with liquid, disposable, and are much cheaper than other types of e-cigs.

Cig-a-Like — This is a type of an electronic cigarette that replicates the appearance, use and function of an ordinary cigarette. Most e-cigs say that this is the best type of electronic cigar.

Clearomizer — This is a liquid storage and atomizer in one unit. It can hold up to 6 ml of liquid.

Drip — This is the procedure wherein you add juice to the atty by dropping it to the wick and coil.

E-juice or E-liquid — This is the liquid used in e-cigs. Scented and flavored e-juices are now available on the market.

Filler — This is the material used to control the transferring of the juice to the atty so you won’t flood the insides of the stick.

Mechanical Mod — A method without the need for electronic devices.

Propylene Glycol (PG) — This ingredient is used by most brands of electronic cigars. E-cigs with PG have more flavor than vegetable glycerol (VG).

Vegetable Glycerol (VG) — Another key ingredient used in e-cigs, which provides more vapor than PG.


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