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E-Cigarette VS. Tobacco Cigarettes

What is a cigarette? The cigarette is actually a small cylindrical shaped cut of tobacco that is wrapped in a sheet of paper for smoking. The word cigarette is actually referred to as tobacco cigarette but it can also apply to devices that may contain substances such as cannabis, Sativa, and cloves. There are two kinds of cigarettes—the electronic cigarette that is in trend today and the traditional cigarette, which is a cigarette made out of tobacco wrapped in paper. Out of these two competitors, which one is a better option? Let’s find out.

Today, cigarette experts develop a new device for smokers that may be an alternative to regular cigarette called the e-cigarette. It is a portable cigarette that is powered by the use of battery wherein the device simulates smoke through vaporizing e-liquid.

Smoke and smell

An e-cigarette does not produce any unpleasant smell, unlike the tobacco cigarette. E-cigs are available with different scents and flavors which you’d definitely love. They also produce smoke thicker than tobacco cigarette, which gives pleasure to smokers.


Tobacco cigarettes are composed of tobacco plant and a small sheet of paper with thousands of chemicals including nicotine, and it is nicotine that makes tobacco and regular cigarettes so addicting. However, with e-cigs, there are only extremely tiny specks of nicotine and tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which is almost detectable to be seen in microscopes and lab tests.


E-cigarettes do not contain tar that can stain your teeth unlike tobacco and traditional cigarettes.


And you still need to strike a match or lit and lighter to light the tip of the cigarette. With e-cigarettes, you only have to push a button or inhale the stick to activate its function.


E-cigs are reasonably priced compared to tobacco and regular cigarettes as they can be electronically charged; thus, you don’t have to buy cigarettes frequently.


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